About Us

Our Vision

The Alhambra District Education Association (ADEA) is a professional organization that exists to develop positive working relationships with all stakeholders of the Alhambra Elementary School District including teachers, students, administrators, board members, and the comminity at large. We believe that through collaboration all students can achieve and the full potential of the Alhambra School District can be reached, and that above all else students come first.

Guiding Principles

During the spring of 2013, dosens of Alhambra teachers joined together and re-energized ADEA. Since then, ADEA’s actions have been based on these three guiding principles:
The Alhambra District Education Association membership believes:
1 Kids come first. Therefore, theinterest of the students guide ADEA decisions.
2 Teaching is an esteemed profession to be valued by our community and staff.
3 We can create a professional and positive working and learning environment.





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